TN: 2013 Bibi Graetz 'Le Cicale di Vincigliata' [Chianti]

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TN: 2013 Bibi Graetz 'Le Cicale di Vincigliata' [Chianti]

#1 Post by Arv R » August 28th, 2020, 9:35 pm

2013 Bibi Graetz 'Le Cicale di Vincigliata' [Chianti] This is a lighter weight, 12.5% abv wine showing a garnet robe, with orange edges. It's pretty pale actually, but is a good summer time drink, and is balanced well on the acid, since it is fine to consume without food. I don't pick up any tannin at this stage, but it may never have had much, having been raising in concrete and (maybe older?) wood. On the nose I get bay leaves, leather, and cherry fruit which extends into the soft, 15 second palate. There are very little particulates here. This is not a wine that is going to win panel tastings, but its a gulpable Chianti, from a respected artisan producer. I'd buy this sangiovese again in good vintages, even if my grade is a B or so. Style wise, I'd consider it middle of the road between traditional and international.

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