TN: DIEL 2011 vs 2012

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TN: DIEL 2011 vs 2012

#1 Post by Martin Zwick » July 18th, 2020, 3:50 am

2011 Burgberg GG vs 2012 Burgberg GG

2011 clearly shows more grip, more drive&kick, purity and huge minerality, in contrast 2012 is too oily, too broad and too flabby. I would recommend to drink 2012 Diel GGs as soon as possible and 2011 has good years ahead. Bottom-line, 2011 Diel „Burgberg“ GG is quite impressive.

P.S. a few days later I opened a 2012 Diel Pittermännchen GG, quite indifferent and uninteresting.

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