Feeling blue? (2018 Amour Geneve)

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Feeling blue? (2018 Amour Geneve)

#1 Post by Mike R » July 12th, 2020, 6:48 pm

Stole this post from Reddit, but thought it was super cool, so sharing it here (original link:


"I recently found out about Amour Geneve, and was fascinated by the color and reasoning behind making a wine like this. This wine is a true passion project, developed by Coviello Salines as a way to remember his father's appreciation for wine and obsession with the color blue. Highly encourage reading some of his interviews and stories, because they're quite interesting and IMO a pretty strong reason to do something as different as a naturally blue wine.

The wine is a blend of 70% Spanish Verdjo and 30% Italian Nebbiolo. The Nebbiolo, based on my tasting, is exclusively used to give the wine its color. Salines developed a patented process to extract and stabilize the anthocyanins (what gives red wine its color) from the skins, and from what I can tell is one of very few blue wines in the world. However, I would put Amour Geneve in a unique category, as the process is natural and has been certified by the TTB, FDA, and EU (cannot say the same for some of the others, which have been found to add artificial dyes and other compounds to their wines).

2018 Amour Geneve


Blue is the only way to describe this. A very deep, intense ocean blue.


The nose is clean and full of intensely concentrated sweet, ripe honeydew melons. There are also aromas of Meyer lemon peel and a hint of passion fruit, finishing with a delicate bouquet of white flowers. Once the glass warmed up a little (which wasn't long, given the heat wave we've had here), there was a hint of a rubbery/petrol note.


Acidity: High. Not full ripeness Riesling high, but high nonetheless.

Tannin: N/A

Body: Light; only 11.5% ABV so the wine is fairly thin overall

Profile: The overall flavor profile is clearly Verdejo, but I think a little diluted due to the large proportion of Nebbiolo extract. There's a touch of effervescence as the palate opens up to show primarily zesty lime and unripe white peach, and a complex mixture of various textures - minerality, waxiness and a slightly bitter, grassy edge on the finish. The finish is a bit short, again because I think the Verdejo juice is just a little too thin, leading me to assess this as somewhere between "acceptable" and "good" on the WSET scale; I'd love to have more of the primary fruit on the palate, but the overall complexity of the other flavors leads me to believe this is a higher quality wine that is diluted by the colorant.

IMO this is a decent quality Verdejo, with a few extra $$ added for the uniqueness of the color. Certainly glad to try it, and will make for a nice warm summer afternoon drinker this weekend.
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