TN: PeterLehmann Semillon Sauternes '84...(short/boring)

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TN: PeterLehmann Semillon Sauternes '84...(short/boring)

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Tried this last night w/ my Pig+Fig LemonTart:
1. PeterLehmann Semillon Sauternes BarossaVlly (10.8%; RS: 14.0 Brix) Tanunda 1984: Ullaged to mid-shoulder; deep gold/burnished bronze/rather brown/almost PX color; very strong toasted coconut/Zag-Nut Bar/Am.oak/vanilla very intense botrytis/apricotty/peachy slight oxidized/mousey/old clothes closet rather complex nose; very tart/tangy lightly sweet/bit dried out some botrytis/apricotty very strong toasted coconut/Zag-Nut Bar bit oxidized quite complex flavor; very long/lingering quite tart/tangy slight earthy strong toasted coconut/Zag-Nut Bar some vanilla/Am.oak some botrytis/apricotty quite complex finish; drying out slightly on the palate but a very interesting old dessert wine; a bit like a Moscatel de Setubal w/o the muscat character; surprisingly high acidity; would never be mistaken for a Sauternes bu quite interesting. $6.00/hlf
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This was another wine from the BlairSwartz cellar. We bought a fair amount of this in the day because it was such a great value. It was loaded w/ Am.oak and loads of botrytis. Those characteristics have faded.
2. Zag-Nut: This used to be my favorite candy bar after the Mars Chocolate-Covered Broccoli Bar. It had a crunchy peanut butter nougat center covered by a toasted coconut exterior. When I was a little kid (which, I should point out, was not all that long ago), I used to go into the Uhlmer's grocery store, who had one of the best candy selections around and gaze wistfully at the candy selection. I had no money, usually, to buy. But old lady Uhlmer had the hots for me and would often let me choose one to have. It was invariably the Zag-Nut. It appears the bar is still made, by Hershey's.

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