Need moar like Chateau Larose - Trintaudon (Haut-Medoc) 2015

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Need moar like Chateau Larose - Trintaudon (Haut-Medoc) 2015

#1 Post by L Law » April 29th, 2020, 3:51 pm

I unfortunately lost my taste for Bordeaux a couple years ago and have mostly just been drinking Italian Piedmont wines as I find most American wine far too fruity. But I've still been looking for that right Bordeaux to get me back into it. My wallet is grateful but if I gave a 10 to my best experience with Italian wine I'd give a 20 to my best with a Bordeaux. So I kinda miss it.

This one feels, very, very close. It's got a sanguine flavor that I love (this is what I always imagine Cote-Rotie to taste like but I always get it more from random Bordeaux wines) but is just a teeny bit too dry. I've had a fair amount of Haut-Medoc so I'm looking for very specific recommendations. Budget up to the $50-60 range though I'd be willling to go up to $100 if it's something that I'll truly love.

Or, maybe I should just keep drinking this particular wine and vintage and my taste buds will "adjust"? I'm in a weird position because I get instantly grossed out by anything marginally fruity (including Italian Amarones and super Tuscans) but I can't handle the same level of dryness as I could two years ago. Barbera and Barolos have been my go-tos and while I love both I still don't quite like them to the degree that I used to like Haut-Medoc Bordeaux wines. The super high acid of the Barberas feels like the great equalizer (basically I'm more tolerant of dryness the higher the acid is) but I enjoy the lower acid Bordeaux more (or used to).

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