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TN: 2018 Saint K Gravesend Carignan

Posted: March 24th, 2020, 10:46 pm
by Adam Frisch
TN: 2018 Saint K Gravesend Carignan Santa Barbara County: Chris Kiranbay is a small Paso Robles producer that sent me some wine in exchange for some of mine. I think Chris works for Herman Story's winery mainly and this is his own side project. Again, I'm the worlds worst taster, so it was hard for me to discern different notes etc, but the long and short of it is that wine is excellent. It's on the fuller side, with coloring towards brick at the edges. Tannins and structure reminds me of some extended maceration, but in no way overpowering. Not slutty at all, more in the restrained New World style of the new generation of smaller CA producers. Very, very nice wine from a grape I've always found a little hard to get a good grasp of. 92pts.

Really look forward to trying the Syrah and Mourvedre I got sent.