Callejuela 'El Cerro' Oloroso

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Callejuela 'El Cerro' Oloroso

#1 Post by Chris.C. » February 3rd, 2020, 1:12 pm

I am no expert on sherry but I hang with people who are, so it's no coincidence that I happen onto this gift bottle.

Snap-your-head-back fragrant, just billowing nose of caramel, butter, cooked plums, some ethanol lift in the end. In the mouth cocoa powder, walnut skin. The acid structure of the wine makes it feel tannic, very grippy in the mouth. Super-bright acidity, nutty, fresh finish. Bone dry and strikingly bitter but in the gin-and-tonic way that one seeks bitterness, not unpleasant. Just an explosive wine. Table wines do not achieve this level of intensity.

Special stuff. I am nibbling on a piece of old Parmigiano with it, which cuts the acidity (though the wine still has the upper hand in terms of amplitude) and am verging on ecstatic. The most striking wine I have had in weeks.
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