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TNs--Cottage Wines

#1 Post by Mike Grammer » November 12th, 2019, 3:16 pm

Yes, it's late for cottaging, but my friend's place is more like a magnificent chalet. Over a guys' weekend of tons of laughs, lots of bid euchre, some Texas Hold 'em and several movies, we tried some wine. These are more impressions, no formal notes taken

2010 Barbi Brunello Happy to see this to try, as I have a bottle up to bat for WineFest next year. I only got a small sip but was very pleased---good harmony and balance and plenty of expressiveness and character.

2014 Chateau Plantey A Pauillac, liked by many, it was fine, if no more. Some cedar and iron, a bit thin, but not destructively so. I do think the 14s will be fairly early-drinking as a whole

2016 Sojourn Reuling Chard I've kept about half of this to try today (3 days later), but it was sure a big boy when opened. A lot of components, but a real wild child for now, we'll see if time tamps it down some

2016 Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Chassagne Ancegnieres A day's slow-ox was all to the good for this, showed still racy with lots of lemon and lime. Time should only improve it.

2017 Bending Branch Texas Tannat With Texas Hold 'em on the menu, how could I not bring this? A generous leave for me by Terry--John and Kris Webber's friend---from their visit to do TIFF with me in September. And expectations generally exceeded. Smells and tastes kinda like...Texas. As in, char-grilled steak is all through the aromatics and palate, yet there's some bounce and freshness too.

2011 Brokenwood Semillon A chance to try an older one of these. There's some spark to it, yet it is missing some indefinable extra gear that I would want to see. Maybe another 15 years would give me that nuance, hard to say.

2009 Chateau de Malle Pretty enough. Apricot and quince in the main. Not a world-beater, but continues to cement this vintage as one I really Jones for.
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