TN: 2016 Castellucci Miano "Shiarà" Catarratto

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TN: 2016 Castellucci Miano "Shiarà" Catarratto

#1 Post by Jim Stewart » September 6th, 2019, 4:09 pm

Decided to explore some Unknown-To-Me varietals, motivated in part by some surfacing on the "8 Favourite Varieties" thread. Catarratto was nobody's favorite but it was on special offer at my local wine store. From Sicily, 100% Catarratto, 13% ABV, $16. Catarratto is the most widely planted grape in Sicily and second to Sangiovese in Italy.
Popped and poured at refrigerator temperature into our everyday Reidels. . .
Color: very light clear straw yelllow
Nose: does not happen much for me whatever the wine, but pleasant here though faint
Taste: Different! Attacks the front of the tongue with an explosive fruitiness that seems almost spritzy (but isn't) and sweet (but isn't). Moves back and around the mouth transitioning to a spicy dry finish and a softly mineral aftertaste. Fruit is tart plum. Acid is moderate. Spice and mineral are warming.
Overall: I liked this. Not a wine to ponder or to take too seriously but really enjoyable, which a lot of the time fits the bill quite nicely.

The next UTM varietals on my radar are Timorasso and Txakolina , each mentioned as a favorite in the "8 Favorite Varieties" thread.
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