TN: May 2019 visit to Poderi Colla

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TN: May 2019 visit to Poderi Colla

#1 Post by Todd Tucker » June 26th, 2019, 9:30 pm

My first time tasting at Poderi Colla. After tasting the 13 Bussia at Festa a couple years back, this was on my short list of places I would like to visit. Federica hosted a group of nebbiolo lovers to taste their current releases and a couple additions. Here are my impressions of the visit.

First off the tasting room, is a cool mini museum of the history of Langhe agriculture. The view is terrific and Federica is a gracious host. The legacy of Beppe Colla seems to be in great hands.

Here goes:

[*]2018 Poderi Colla Dolcetto d'Alba Pian Balbo - Italy, Piedmont, Alba, Dolcetto d'Alba (5/20/2019)
With Federica

Pepper and crunchy fruit with a savory side that adds to the fruit. Good acid and crunchiness to the fruit. An excellent dolcetto made for the table[/list]
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[*]2017 Poderi Colla Barbera d'Alba Costa Bruna - Italy, Piedmont, Alba, Barbera d'Alba (5/20/2019)
With Federica

Cooler fruited especially considering vintage with berry and plum fruit keeping ti fresh and with good acid lift. A balanced wine with good florals and fruit. Solid traditional barbera.

[*]2017 Poderi Colla Langhe Pinot Nero Campo Romano - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Langhe DOC (5/20/2019)
With Federica

Earthy with a nice mix of savory and fruit, violet florals. It had good texture and depth without heaviness. Reminds me a little of Ata Rangi PN, but a bit simpler and a little less focused. Still an enjoyable glass of wine. (87 pts.)

[*]2017 Poderi Colla Nebbiolo d'Alba Drago - Italy, Piedmont, Alba, Nebbiolo d'Alba (5/20/2019)
With Federica

Fresh perfumed and floral. Supple with a sense of minerality and freshness. Ripe fruit Floral in the mouth with lovely cherry fruit supple and with. A little sappiness and shows no heat of the vintage. Lovely (89 pts.)
  • 2016 Poderi Colla Barbaresco Roncaglie - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco (5/20/2019)
    With Federica

    a deeply perfumed nose with beautiful florals and cooler cherry fruit. A terrific nose. This has a freshness and ease to drinking it like mineral water. there is sap and density with hidden structure and ripe tannins. More rose and cherry fruit with menthol- basil- balsam on the palate. It finishes with a firm grip on back end. Not a powerhouse but very deep and structured with grace and balance. A harmonious, effortless, terrific wine. (95 pts.)
  • 2015 Poderi Colla Barbaresco Roncaglie - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco (5/20/2019)
    With Federica

    Ripe fruit cherry and florals on the nose, but with noticeable ethanol. On the palate, rip fruit still with decent minerality, cherry fruit and rose but a little hollow in the middle for me. Lcking the precision and depth of the 16 and seeming a touch warm. Still very good, but suffered from being poured after the '16 (89 pts.)
  • 2015 Poderi Colla Barolo Dardi Le Rose Bussia - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo (5/20/2019)
    With Federica

    A great nose. Balsam, cherry fruit, perfume. On th epaulet adding some savory nettle like greeness and licorice. Firm and structured, with a great mix of savory as much as fruit and florals. Finishes with mouth coating ripe tannins. This may come together more and merit a higher score in time. Built for the cellar. 94 (94 pts.)
  • 2014 Poderi Colla Barolo Dardi Le Rose Bussia - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo (5/20/2019)
    With Federica

    On the nose, much more savory and green- herbal (not as is unripe green) nose. Nettles, licorice, cooler cherry fruit, and rosewater. Nice understated yet deep perfume. On the palate it has good clarity and focus freshness. Midweighted and graceful. Overall very good balance with a nice mix of savory and perfume. This has classic lines and is really a pretty wine in a more subtle and draw you into thought kind of way. A very good '14 to me. 92 (92 pts.)
  • 2015 Poderi Colla Bricco del Drago - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Langhe DOC (5/20/2019)
    With Federica

    85% dolcetto and 15% nebbiolo

    Ripe fruit with plum, spice, and violets. This is a structured wine with fine but firm tannins and structure, but simultaneously excellent texture and breadth without being too heavy. The blend here works well, but I have a hard time putting into a preconceived box, and that is my failure. It's bigger than I would want in a dolcetto, but not as perfumed or focused as I would like in nebbiolo. I bet a large piece of grilled or braised meat would cure my issues. Still a very interesting serious wine. I would love to try an older one.

    This was a very enjoyable tasting. The '16 Roncaglie and '15 Bussia were terrific. I really liked the classically style Dolcetto and Barbera. I would highly recommend visiting here. The tasting room is worth spending a hour looking around and the view is great, even in a region where great views seem so common. I am very excited to return here. ]

    Thanks for reading

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