TN: 2018 Old Westminster “Piquette” Pet-Nat

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TN: 2018 Old Westminster “Piquette” Pet-Nat

#1 Post by NoahR » April 28th, 2019, 12:34 pm

6.9%, this is a Piquette, so basically a second pressing of the grape detritus fermented naturally and lightly. This is purple with a ruby foam on a moderately effervescent frame. Has a lactic sour note to it reminiscent of a lambic. The nose is relatively fruity but the palate is dry as a bone with only subtle sourness and a very dull tannic bite.

If you imagine a blend of a blackberry lambic and a bone-dry Lambrusco, or else can imagine Bartles&Jaymes with no sugar and a splash of tannat, this is basically what you have.

Not unpleasant, chuggable at <7%, but for $20, there are maybe other things I’d rather drink.
Noah Raizman
Washington, DC

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