DIY Coravin gas bottle adapter

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DIY Coravin gas bottle adapter

#1 Post by Steve Gower » April 11th, 2019, 1:30 pm

I know there is a whole lengthy string about Coravin capsules and an adapter that someone designed, patented, and is selling. This is a much simpler adapter, allows switching back to capsules for portability. This takes some basic fabrication skills and tools to build but in return costs less than $20 in materials. Of course that doesn't include the bottle and regulator which I already had in use at the winery. I have used my setup for a couple of years for wine tastings at haven't consumed an entire bottle yet. Below are the steps to build it and a couple of photos. I'm not selling them, have no interest in making them. Just don't like to see folks burning through capsules and tossing the shells. And the adapters for sale are unnecessarily complex to me. No 3d printing required here.

Steps to modify existing Coravin Model 8

1) Take a spent Coravin cartridge and unscrew the plastic tip, they are tight so if you mar the mating surface, grab another and try again. The Coravin tip has a thread of 3/8" x 24 NF.
2) Buy a 5" long pipe nipple threaded on both ends for 1/8" NPT male threads - Ace Hardware
3) Use a 3/8" x 24 NF thread die to re-thread one end about 1.5" in length from the end - need thread die, wrench, and cutting oil<br/>
4) Clean off oil and add a 3/8 x 24 NF nut followed by the Coravin tip from step 1.
5) Cut a piece of 1/2" PVC to approx. 2.25" - other things could work for this spacer, just has to slide over the pipe.
6) Adjust the nut to create a length of 3.56 (or 3 and 9/16") from tip of Coravin tip to end of PVC spacer (this matches length of capsule).
7) Drill the Coravin capsule cup with a 13/32" drill centered like the photo #2. Maybe start with a small drill then drill to final size to insure its centered.
8) Installed pipe/nut/spacer/tip assembly thru the cap.
9) Attached the cap and dummy cartridge assembly to the Coravin.
10) Thread hose barb, 1/8" NPT female x 1/4" hose onto pipe end, use Teflon tape for good seal.
11) Attach hose and quick connect if desired. I use CPC quick connect so bottle is compatible with other things in the winery using gas.
12) Attach other end of 1/4" hose to Argon bottle regulator set to about 15-20 psi.

Note that the pressure used is much lower than the disposable cartridge and you will dispense for a longer period to get the gas you need. As for safety, you are now operating the whole works at lower pressure so no issues there. When I go on the road for a tasting at a restaurant or retail, I just screw the hose barb off and slide the dummy out. The original cartridge is not affected by the hole in the end of the cup so you can now use the Coravin either way. I'm not posting the final assembly thinking that its well described. But let me know if an additional finished photo with the adapter on is needed.
Coravin mod.jpg
Coravin mod2.jpg
Steve Gower - Crux Winery

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