TN: Two Whites @ Dinner...(short/boring)

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TN: Two Whites @ Dinner...(short/boring)

#1 Post by TomHill » April 5th, 2019, 8:19 am

Had these two gems at dinner last night:
1. Carlisle GrunerVeltliner SteinerVnyd/SonomaMtn/SonomaCnty (14.1%; 230 cs) 2017: Med.light gold color; very fragrant classic GV/floral/white pepper slight earthy lovely aromatic nose; fairly tart/tangy strong GV/floral/melony/white pepper rather rich/lush light chalky/earthy bright/zippy flavor; very long/lingering classic GV/floral/white pepper/spicy/melony rather tart rich/lush/Smaargd-level slight chalky finish; loads of lush/ripe GV fruit w/ a nice tangy acidity; a solid 4-square GV that reminds of the IngridGroiss GV; could use 6 mo. of age & should put on weight. $24.00
2. TablasCreekVnyd GrenacheBlanc Estate/AdelaideDist/PasoRobles (13.4%) PasoRobles 2017: color; very strong floral/GB/honeysuckle/bit honeyed slight pineapple/mango/melony slight chalky/mineral/perfumed talk bit complex nose; bit soft rather rich/lush very strong floral/GB/honeysuckle/melony/ripe light perfumed talc/chalky lovely flavor; very long bit soft ripe/rich/lush balanced strong melony/GB/floral/honeysuckle light perfumed talc slight tangy/metallic balanced finish; loads of ripe GB/honeysuckle fruit; should get much better w/ 2-6 yrs of age; a classic TCV restrained/balanced white; a steal at $19.60 (VIN)
A wee BP:
1. Carlisle: Mike is a big fan of Austrian GV and persuaded them to plant it for him at Steiner. He makes the best GV in Calif, though I like the Solminer a lot, it's a bit leaner than Mike's. Mike's can go up against most GV from Austria, though it doesn't have that minerality of some high-end Austrian versions.
2. TablasCreek: This was offered as the March special wine of the month. I placed my order for 1.5 cs last week. Alas, they had already shipped me some wine in March & this would put me over the NM 2 cs/month limit, which their software caught. Rats!! So for this month of April, they have a flat rate $10/cs shipping rate. So the great TCV folks placed my order on Mon (April 1) for the discounted GB and then gave me the $10 shipping rate as well. Sometimes I feel guilty about ripping off/taking advantage of those fine TCV folks.

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