TN: Idlewild Flora&Fauna White&Red '18...(short/boring)

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TN: Idlewild Flora&Fauna White&Red '18...(short/boring)

#1 Post by TomHill » March 27th, 2019, 7:20 am

Couldn't wait to crack these two last night:
1. Idlewild Flora&Fauna White NorthCoast (11.7%; 50% MuscatCanelli/48% Arneis/2% Cortese; Geyserville 2018: Light gold color; very fragrant floral/Arneis/bit muscatty/spicy slight chalky/perfumed talc lovely perfumed nose; rather tart/tangy quite floral/carnations/jasmine/bright/mostly Arneis/slight muscatty light-bodied bit perfumed talc flavor; very long lightly tart bright floral/carnations/alpine flowers light chalky/perfumed talc finish; an absolutely delicious drinkable very perfumed white that speaks more of Arneis than Muscat; doesn't have that sickly-sweet/whoreish character that MuscatCanelli can sometimes show; very attractive price at $25.00
2. Idlewild Flora&Fauna RW MendoCnty (13.4%; 48% Barbera/39% Dolcetto/13% Nebbiolo; Mostly FoxHillVnyd/TalmadgeBench + WildRuthVnyd/YorkvilleHighlands; some CarbonicMaceration) 2018: Med.color; strong grapey/mostly Dolcetto-like bit plummy/earthy/tomatoey/MendoCnty rather spicy/blackberry/Syrah-like lovely fragrant nose; rather tart/tangy strong grapey/Dolcetto-like/plummy/bright rather spicy/Barbera/Syrah-like/blackberry lovely flavor w/ light tangy tannins; very long rather tart/tangy rather grapey/Dolcetto/spicy/blackberry/Syrah-like slight earthy finish w/ light tannins; can use a few more yrs; an absolutely delicious red at a great price. $25.00
A wee BP:
1. Idlewild: The Italian-focused wnry of SamBilbro. He has redone the WebSite to emphasize their focus on Piemontese-style wines. This yr marks the first wines coming from the WildRuthVnyd in the YorkvilleHighlands. I thought that was a rather strange name for a vnyd & imagined some crazed woman that roams the vnyd haunting it at night. The name comes from WildRuthFarming; a cooperative effort of Sam/Idlewild and Ruth Lewandowski Wines (, wines made in Utah. There is no Ruth involved. Not sure exactly how this joint effort came about.
The F&F White used to be called TheBee and the F&F Red called TheBird. Those terms are dropped w/ this vintage. The labels for the '18 vintage have also been redesigned and are much more attractive. Sam is really on a roll with these two F&F wines, his best yet, and very reasonably priced. Can hardly wait to try the Arneis & his forthcoming '18 wines. And the Timorasso from WildRuth.

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