TN: Tasting Old Whites w/ Blair...(long/boring)

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TN: Tasting Old Whites w/ Blair...(long/boring)

#1 Post by TomHill » March 14th, 2019, 2:41 pm

Last night (3/10/19) we were Tasting White Wines w/ Blair:
1. Dom.Zind Humbrecht Tokay PinotGris (ViellesVignes; 13%) Leonard et Olivier Humbrecht/Wintzenheim 1989: Med.
amber color; strong apple/peach/floral slight cedary/oldPG light earthy/dusty quite complex mature PG nose;
rather rich/lush lightly tart apple/peach/floral/PG slight earthy/dusty quite complex flavor w/ no signs
of oxidation; this wine was pretty lean/acid in its youth but as matured into a beautiful old PG and still
vibrant & alive.
2. Clos du Papillon AC: Savennieres (13%; MeBalP; CheninBlanc) Dom.des Baumard/Rochefort sur Loire 1995: Light
gold color; beautiful complex/tobaccoy/old CB slight pear/floral quite complex nose; quite tart/tangy/metallic
slight earthy/tobaccoy/oldCB light pear/CB/floral very complex fairly dry flavor w/ no signs of oxidation or
drying out; still very much alive. $17.60 (K)
3. Chateau des Fesles AC: Bonnezeaux (13.8%; MeBalP; CheninBlanc) J.Boivin/Thouarce 1989: Deep gold/amber color;
slight musty/earthy rather botrytis/peachy/CB rather cedary/oldCB/pungent quite complex nose; slightly off-dry
slight floral/pear/CB bit botrytis/peachy some cedary/pencilly/oldCB/light pungent fairly tart quite complex
flavor; maybe a bit tired and drying out but in wonderful shape for 30 yrs old. $23.00 (Hill, 6/91)
4. Callaway CheninBlanc SweetNancy Temecula (Hrvstd Late; Slctd clusters w/ botrytis cinerea; 12.5%; 500 cs)
KarlWerner/CallawayVintners/Oakville 1973
: Deep amber/browning color; bit herbal/floral/CB very strong
botrytis/CB apricotty some cedary quite complex nose; soft quite sweet slight herbal/earthy very strong
botrytis/peachy/apricotty slight cedary fairly complex flavor w/ very long/lingering very sweet finish;
still in wonderful shape w/ loads of botrytis but a bit simple compared to a sweet Loire CB. $13.19 (K)
5. Maximilian v.Othegrave Weingut Kanzemer Berg Kanzemer Altenberg (Auslese; QmP; A.P.Nr. 3 518 034-5-77; 10%;
Fuder 5; EA) Kanzem/Saar 1976
: Deep amber color; fairly strong old Auslese slight cedary bit earthy/dusty
somewhat complex slightly tired nose; near dry bit tart/tangy complex old Auslese very slight botrytis bit
tired fairly complex flavor; getting a bit tired & ragged about the edges, but still a very interesting
complex old Auslese; starting to fade into the twilight of its yrs. $9.30 (3/78)
6. Friedrich-Wilhelm Gymnasium Oberemmeler Scharzberg Riesling (Auslese; QmP; A.P.Nr. 3 561 024-29-77;
10%; EA) Trier 1976
: Deep amber/brown color; very fragrant slight petrol slight botrytis/peachy beautiful
old Auslese rather complex nose; fairly tart slight metallic bit petrol near dry slight botrytis rather
complex old Auslese bit tired/drying flavor; a lovely complex old Auslese nose but starting to get a bit
tired on the palate.
7. Stephanus Freiherr von Schorlemer Riesling (Auslese; QmP; A.P.Nr. 2 604 226/4/72; EA; 10%) Wintrich/Mosel 1971:
Deep amber/brown color; very complex old Auslese slight cedary/earthy slight botrytis lovely fragrant nose;
rather tart near dry lovely old Auslese bit tired slight earthy/cedary bit bitter complex flavor; a lovely
old Auslese nose but drying out and a bit tired on the palate; a survivor but just that.
8. Reichsrat v. Buhl Forster Ungeheuer Riesling (Auslese; QmP; A.P.Nr. 5 106 044/7/77; 10%; EA)
Deidesheim/Rheinpfalz 1976
: Deep amber/browning color; beautiful complex old Auslese some petrol slight
cedary/earthy nose; slightly off-dry quite complex old Auslese bit cedary/earthy/petrol fairly tart
beautiful flavor; more than just hanging in and a real pleasure to drink w/ some lushness and sweetness.
$7.90 (3/78)
9. Staatlichen Weinbaudomanen Schlossbockelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling (Auslese; QmP; A.P.Nr. 1 750 053/42/77;
EA; 10%; Niederhausen/Schlossbockelheim/Nahe 1976
: Deep amber slight murkey color; slight earthy/musty/dusty/
cedary some petrol slight botrytis/peachy quite complex old Auslese beautiful nose; quite tart slightly off dry
rather petroly slight earthy/cedary slight botrytis bit lush/honeyed lovely complex old Auslese flavor w/
trace of bitterness on the back palate; a lovely example of an old Auslese.
10. WenteBros Riesling Auslese (Produced from slctd botrytis berries grown in Monterey vnyds; 11%) Livermore
: Rather brown color; very intense botrytis apricotty/peachy slight earthy/herbal some complex old BA
nose; bit soft quite sweet very intense botrytis/peachy/apricotty bit earthy/herbal slight cedary flavor;
no signs of oxidation (other than the color) w/ loads of botrytis but a bit on the simple side w/ only
botrytis present. $7.00 (Wnry; 2/76)
11. Chateau St.Jean JohannisbergRiesling RobertYoungVnyd/AlexVlly (10.3%; SaH: 28.7%; RS: 11.0%) Kenwood 1978:
Very dark brown/murky color; very intense botrytis/apricotty/peachy slight earthy/dusty nose; bit soft very
sweet very intense botrytis/peachy/apricotty; looks ugle but tastes great; a very good old BA Riesling that
may go on forever; all about botrytis and doesn't have the complexity you'd get in an old German BA.
$15.40 (Wnry, SF)
12. Ch.Suduiraut AC: Sauternes (Ancien Cru du Roy; MeBaC) 1959: Dark brown color; some botrytis/apricotty/peachy
some Fr.oak/butterscotchy/caramel bit herbal/earthy fairly complex nose; bit off-dry strong Fr.oak/caramel/
butterscotch some botrytis/apricotty some dried out bit tart/austere flavor; not a great example of an old
Sauternes but quite interesting aromatics. $16.50 (8/78)
13. JosephPhelpsVnyds Delice du Semillon NapaVlly (13.0%; RS: 10.3%; 4% SauvBlanc) St.Helena 1985: Deep amber color;
strong botrytis/apricotty/peachy bit honeyed slight herbal/earthy/dusty some caramel/Fr.oak quite complex nose;
bit soft strong botrytis/apricotty/peachy rather sweet some caramel/Fr.oak slight herbal/earthy/dusty slight
complex flavor; a bit on the simple side and dominated by botrytis; not much at all like an old Sauternes,
more like an old/mature Calif botrytis wine. $15.60 (K)
14. Lomelino Madeira Verdelho (LPR or LPB; 19.5%) B&S for T.T.C.Lomelino by MadeiraWineCo for CortiBros/
Sacramento 1900
: Med.amber/brown color; very strong coffee/Madeira bit alcoholic quite complex oldMadeira
nose; very acidic/tangy/metallic very strong coffee/Madeira rather dry quite complex flavor; very long/lingering
very acidic/tangy/metallic fairly dry/austere bit alcoholic/aldehydic very complex finish that goes on&on;
quite acidic & rather austere but a beautiful complex old Madeira. $20.00 (CBvBN)
More ertzslobber from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Madeira 1900: This was a contribution from SueNoel from Bruce's cellar. He would have bought this from Darrell
back in the mid-'70's. The $20 price tag was from RickMinderman's recollection. The wine was a beautiful old
Madeira that you just wanted to sit there and smell all night long, though somewhat austere & acidic on the palate
to taste by itself. The painted label on the front indicated LPR or LPB. Not sure what that signifies.
2. These were a selection of white wines pulled from BlairSwartz's cellar by me. I selected them based on some we had
previously tasted and ones I thought had a chance of being survivors, if not much better. They were donated to
this tasting by his daughter Stacey. We held this at Pig+Fig Cafe, where Laura provided a wonderful selection of appetizers.
By & large, the wines ranged from survivors to absolutely beautiful. These were all shared by a select group of
Blair's long-time friends. The TN's are a bit sparse because of all the chin-wagging going on.
3. SweetNancy: This wine is a real rarity. EliCallaway was a real pioneer when he decided to plant in Temecula, a
totally unknown growing area. He would probably be apalled by what it is now. He hired KarlWerner as his winemaker,
who used German oak for his wines. Chard/CheninBlanc/PetiteSirah/Zin/Cabernet. All were very good, rather big/
extracted. TerryClancey followed Karl as winemaker and, after Eli sold Callaway, it went into a steep decline as
it expanded production.
He made a tiny amount of botrytis CB, SweetNancy, that he named after his wife. This was their first production
and made up in Oakville before the wnry was completed down in Temecula.
4. Wente: In 1972, Wente made their first botrytis R from their ArroyoSecco vnyd that they labeled a Spatlese. In this
1973, they let the botrytis take a stronger set to make a BA-level R that they called Auslese. They made a few more
after that but gave up on the genre as being to unique/great a wine for their portfolio. I fully expected this wine
to still be going strong, even at 45 yrs of age.
5. Germans: By and large, all the German Ausleses were more than just survivors. They all had beautiful complex old
Auslese noses that were quite fragrant and a pleasure to smell. The first three were showing a bit tired on the
palate and starting to dry out and showing a bit of bitterness. But the last two were lovely examples of the
beauty of complex old German Auslese, though starting to dry out a bit and not going to get any better. The
glories of old German Ausleses are amazing.


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Re: TN: Tasting Old Whites w/ Blair...(long/boring)

#2 Post by Blair Ridley » March 14th, 2019, 3:44 pm

Funny....I have no recollection of this tasting... [scratch.gif]

(just kidding - looks like a fun evening. thanks for the notes!)

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1995 Baumard Savennieres

#3 Post by Charles Weiss » March 17th, 2019, 8:08 pm

Earlier this month I had the regular Savennieres alongside the Clos du Papillon, both 1995 from Baumard. Obviously there will be be some bottle variation but the regular was quite dead whereas the Clos du Papillon was meritorious.

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Re: TN: Tasting Old Whites w/ Blair...(long/boring)

#4 Post by Karl K » March 18th, 2019, 4:25 am

K a z a k s

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