Corti Bros Newsletter Archive

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Corti Bros Newsletter Archive

#1 Post by TomHill » March 12th, 2019, 5:25 am

Rick Minderman has been slowly archiving DarrellCorti's Newsletters:
going back to 1965.
I was looking at some of those prices and thinking..those are pretty good prices. And then I noticed it was "per case"!!!
Anybody have a time machine I can borrow? If you buy a btl of 1961 Bdx & transport it in the time machine, will it age properly when you emerge in 2019?? How long should it rest before you open it after that journey?

Anyway...some interesting reading.

Mel Knox
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Re: Corti Bros Newsletter Archive

#2 Post by Mel Knox » March 13th, 2019, 12:40 pm

A friend showed me a late 1960s advertisement by John Walker, a now defunct wine shop that catered to the carriage trade.
Just depressingly low prices.

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Thomas Keim
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Re: Corti Bros Newsletter Archive

#3 Post by Thomas Keim » March 14th, 2019, 8:23 pm

Unbelievable. I could read these for hours. The issue with the Washington State wines (September 1970) is absolutely fascinating with a wonderful sense of discovery -
ITB - The Yoerg Brewing Company

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Drew Goin
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Re: Corti Bros Newsletter Archive

#4 Post by Drew Goin » March 15th, 2019, 7:40 am

Thanks for sharing such a cool glimpse into the past, Tom!

I like how the letter from April 18, 1975 ("New Wines from Harbor Winery and Monteviňa") recommends aging White Zin.

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