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2019 Rose Thread

#1 Post by Nick Kra Mar Ski » February 25th, 2019, 7:57 am

As March approaches, figured I'd be good to get some dialogue going on everyone's favorite rose wines at different price points. Rose I find is more often a topic of love/hate, rather than speaking to preferred producers/regions/blends. So let's try to keep this from a curb stomping from those not in favor, and a helpful discovery for those looking for their next fun buy. TNs obviously welcome, but at the least lets try to give a one liner as to why we like it, rather than a name drop.

I'll kick it off..

Value (<=$20)
La Bastide Blanche - Bandol (~$20); a good value Bandol imo. My 2017 notes:
Expressive. M salmon pink hue. Nose is macerated strawberry, fresh peach, rose leaves sitting in water. Nice cinsault body on this, m+ acidity and a palate led with under ripe strawberries, along with tart red apple - this tails to somewhat of a blend of guava and prickly pear. Complex, evolving on the palate and good length of finish.
Mid-Tier ($21-$40)
Dom de l'Abbaye - Clos Beylesse (~high $20s); super fun cotes de Provence that I find somewhat hard to come by. My notes on the 2017 vintage:
One of my favorites, having so much character given Syrah leading the blend at 60%, with 30% Grenache and 10% Cinsault making up the balance. Nose is powerful and complex - a mix of juice of macerated strawberries, pate de raspberry and mandarin orange. Acidity is m, body is slightly bigger than a typical Rose. Palate leads with juice of citrus, tart strawberry and melon mixed in; condition is slightly under-ripe, compared to confectionary on the nose - fair level of salinity sensation evident. Briny finish
Ch Pradeaux - Bandol (~low $30s); a favorite rose region of mine, imp by Rosenthal. Notes on 2016 vintage:
Bombshell - Cinsault dominated as is typical for the region, with the balance being Mourvèdre. First, the color is akin to that of a champagne/orange marmalade - and the nose isn’t far off either; orange peel, bright (tart) cherry and a dash of rose water. M+ acidity, but alcohol clocking in at 14% given the long season - doesn’t show as such. Red floral on the palate, fresh cranberry and orange zest - think tame, Thanksgiving cranberry relish. Lingering finish of minerality and salinity
Clos Cibonne - Cuvee Speciale Des Vignette (~$40); brief 2016 notes:
Strawberries and cream, peach. M+ acidity, intensely perfumed nose of clementine juice and candied watermelon.
Treat (>$40)
Antica Terra - Angelicall (~$95); pricey but definitely a treat. Unable to locate my tasting notes but I have a couple 2017 in the pipeline. More red than rose, maceration for >1 week and prolonged lees exposure. Unctuous.

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