Where to go, who to see in Givry (and Beaujolais)?

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Where to go, who to see in Givry (and Beaujolais)?

#1 Post by Kristoffer B r y d e r » February 10th, 2019, 11:05 am


Typical of me to have my first post in a while be one where I ask for help, it’s just that it worked so well the last time I tried flirtysmile

My friends and I were forced to cancel our trip to France last year, due to a family emergency. It so happens that we will be able to go for a few days in May, and on our way from Champagne to Beaujolais there’s just time for one or two stops in Givry. Right now I’m thinking F. Lumpp and Joblot (if we’re lucky enough that they’ll have us), but I would be glad to hear about any other producers of interest in or around the town?

As opposed to the Côte d’Or, where we’ve spent quite a while on our previous trips, none of us know anything about Beaujolais, other than that carbonic maceration makes the wine taste like strawberry and that we really like Lapierre.

Would it make sense to stay in or around the town of Morgon, to be close to key producers, or would someone suggest otherwise? And besides Lapierre, who are the producers to seek out? We tend to like our burgundies and beaujolais’ with a bit of stuffing..

Thanks to any and all who might contribute something [cheers.gif]

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