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TNs: lots of ketchup

#1 Post by Markus S » December 31st, 2018, 12:48 pm

Catching up on notes before the New Year loses them!

Leon Barral, Faugeres, 'Valiniere', 2009
Low-acid reductive winemaking, with dense mat of material of macerated plums, olive pits, blood orange skin and tapenade floowing with some bitterness on the end. There's a tannic cloaking the backend like a heavy blanket, but the impression is one of unyielding power and strength, sort of how one admires a draught horse. This is not for the fainthearted. Reminds me of Peye Rose a little. The finish has this weird corn starch/baby powder like texture that adds a weird textural quality to it. 14% A/A-

Foradori, Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT, Nosiola, 'Fontanasanta', 2011
At times delicate and airy, at others a deeper turn of wet cement. A bit one-dimensional, a light whisper of gooseberry and yellow flowers with some dill seed or celery root thrown in. Definitely more earthy than fruity. Not quite as good as the 09 I had earlier, but at 7 years of age, alive and well. Curious as to aging possibilities. 12% B+

Lisini, Brunello di Montalcino, 2001
Feels advanced for it's age, but still tough on the end. Decanted, as there was tons of sediment. Lavender, old cherry, and leather. Becomes stewy with air. NR

Sandlands, Carignane, California, 2014
12.8% Raspberry leaf with dusty tannins and good acidity, nice with a little chill on it. B+/A- Tegan does such a nice job with his carignans. A happy wine!

Burlotto, Langhe, 'Mores', 2015
Not sure if this a a paen to moreish wines or not, but it does a good job of quenching thirst, despite it's 14.5% alcohol level, which is on par for B&B wines these days. Tar with black cherry, sappy, with a little gum mastic and perfumed quality with air. As it warms, a bit of heat and oak show. [50% nebbiolo/50% barbera] A-/B+

Domaine du Vieux Telegraphe, Chateaneuf-du-Pape, 2011
Quite meaty, but more complete than an earlier bottle about 1-2 years ago. Chewy tannins among the lavender and Mediterranean potpourri. From 375 ml. A-

Domaine Guibertau, Samur (blanc), 'Clos des Carmes', 2010
Oak plays a light touch here, unlike some of Guibertau's other bottlings. Quince and chamomile with a light citric finish. Delicate and lacy. Quite good. Interestingly, left a glass partially filled and the next day went back to it and there was no oxidation or degradation...impressed! A-

Mathiasson, Napa Valley, White Wine, 2015
12.9% Light, dull gold colored. Lemony and slightly floral aromas. A bit oily and dull on the palate, feels a bit lacking acidity, but has a bit of limestone, oregano, and yellow flowers. Probably not enough of a like to repurchase at +$30 B+
[blend of: 50% sauvignon blanc, 25% ribolla gialla, 20% semillon, 5% friuliano]

Field Recordings, 'Hock', Central Coast, 2017
Another blend from California, this one 50% gerwurztraminer, 35% pinot gris, 15% riesling. 11.9%
Lightly spicy nose with some yellow fruits. Warm spicy notes upfront and on the end, good weight and decent acidity. A bit one note, but a fun wine, especially poolside or with a large party. B+

Domaine Jean-Marc Bouley, Volnay, 'Les Caillerets', 2011
High toned red fruits of raspberry, cranberry, sour cherry hard candy. Not the fullest Burgundy, this is light in concentration but probably the best 2011 red Burg I've tasted yet. 13% A-/A

Domaine Monier Perreol, Saint Joseph (blanc), 2016
Green pear skin (Anjou) aroma. Very slight flavors of pear, lemon-water, and basil-cilantro on the finish. Decent acidity. More elegant than powerful. A-/B+

Casa Aurora, 'Poula', (Vino de Pueblo), Villa de Albares, 2015
The wine in the weird shaped bottle, supposed to resemble water jugs carried in the area where the grapes are grown. Reductive aromas with a little swamp matter. Bright purplish-magenta color. Very fresh and lively, with haw and mulberry and a tube of blackish fruit that lingers on and on. Burly tannins grab the finish. Good. Wonder how this ages? B+/A- Fun and interesting, an autochthonous blend from Spain. 13%
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