Onion Tarte 2.0

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250g flour

150g butter

1 egg-yolk

pinch salt

a bit cold water

1 egg-white


6-7 yellow onions, halved with skin

60g soft butter

2 tsp nigella seeds

1 tbsp thyme leaves

1/2 lemon peel, organic

1 tbsp honey

150ml white wine

150ml veggie/chicken broth or water

1 tsp salt



3 eggs

250ml heavy cream


2 tbsp chives

100g Gruyére cheese, grated



1.Combine butter, nigella seeds, honey, salt&pepper and thyme leaves


2. Put halved onions with skin to a form and add butter on top. Also add white wine and broth or water. In the pre-heated oven for 90min by 170C and after 60min up the heat to 200C.


3. Meanwhile make the dough and add clingfilm. In the fridge for 1-2h. Don’t use the egg-white.


4. Let the onions cool down. Remove from the skin with a spoon and fork


5. Roll out the dough and put in a Quiche form. Use a fork to make some holes in the bottom. Add baking paper and beans. Bake for 15min blind in a pre-heated for 15min by 180C


6. Remove the beans and brush the bottom with egg-white. Back to the oven for 10min.


7.  After 10min add cheese on the bottom.


8. Also add onions


9. Finally a mix of eggy&heavy cream&chives.


10.  Bake for 45min by 180C.  ENJOY


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