Miso Onions

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1-1,2kg yellow onions
100g unsalted butter
100g White Miso Paste
+1l water


1. Heat the oven to 250C or 500F. Halve the onions lengthways and remove the onion skin and a little bit of the bottom. But you want the halves held together by the bottom.  Cut side down on a baking form.

2. Combine butter, Miso paste and 1 liter water in a sauteuse and let it melt on very low heat.

3. After 5min add it to the onions

4. Finally add some foil on top. And put in the oven for 35min

5. After 35min remove the foil and put it back to the oven for 45min.  And turn the onions cut side up.  Also brush the onions every 10min with liquid.  I used a soup ladle.

6.  Serve with roasted chicken or rice. ENJOY

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