Kohlrabi Bärlauch Soup

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2 Kohlrabi, peeled&cubed
50g Bärlauch/wild garlic (100-150g optional)
1 potato, peeled&cubed
1l vegetable broth
250g heavy  cream (optional)
1 shallot, chopped


1. Cook the shallot in oil and add Kohlrabi and potato cubes. Let it it cook around 3-4min

2. Add broth and let it cook on low to medium heat with lid for around 20-30min

3. After 10min add cream. Fair to say cream is not necessary, but I had some leftover

4. After 20min add Bärlauch and let it cook for 4-5min. Then use a blender to mix it.

5. Serve with bread. ENJOY

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