Leeks Vinaigrette

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1kg leeks

3tbsp salted butter

3-4-5 tbsp pine nuts

100g Guanciale/Pancetta/bacon

1 lemon

2tsp Dijon mustard

150-200ml olive oil



1. Clean the leeks well.  Cut off the root end and half of the pale green top. Rinse the leeks well under cold water.


2. Bring 1l. water to boil in a pot. Then add butter and leeks. Then let it simmer on low heat with lid for 15-20min.


3. Meanwhile toast the pine nuts in a pan for 3-4min. Don’t burn them! Remove from the pan.


4. Then add cubed Guanciale/Pancetta or bacon to the pan. Let it cook until crisp and brown. Put on a plate with kitchen towel to absorb the fat.


5. Make the vinaigrette by squeezing a lemon. Use the juice of half of a lemon or the whole lemon if you like freshness. Also add mustard and finally olive oil.  Finally salt&pepper.  Combine everything.


6. Remove the leeks from the water and add vinaigrette.


7. Finally pine nuts and bacon cubes on top.


8. Serve lukewarm or cold with a glass of Champagne.  ENJOY




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