Paprika Dip

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3-5 potatoes pre-cooked
1 egg yolk
1 bell pepper red
1-2 clove garlic
pinch safran
1 tsp Hungarian paprika or smoked Pimenton de la Vera dolce
pinch cayenne or 1/2 chilli red
100-150ml sunflower oil/olive oil
100ml water
1.Peel the potatoes and slice them.
2. Roast the red bell pepper in the oven until very dark on high heat. Remove the skin and chopp the paprika.
3. Heat the water on low heat and let the safran simmer for 2-3min.  Put sliced potatoes, chopped bell pepper, garlic, chili, paprika and safran with water to a blender and mix.
4. Put everything into a bowl. Add 1 egg yolk and drizzle oil sip by sip and combine like you would do an Aioli.
5. Serve with bread or as a dip for white meat.  ENJOY

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