Creamy Kohlrabi

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2 Kohlrabi

100-150ml cream (32%)

2 tsp sugar

20-30g butter




1.Cut a slice of both ends of the Kohlrabi


2. Now peel the rind with a potato/vegetable slicer and halve the Kohlrabi


3.  Slice the Kohlrabi with a mandolin (2mm) to a bowl.  Add 1 tsp sugar and be generous with salt.  Add a clingfilm on top and let it rest for 30min


4. Throw the liquid away which is on the bottom of the bowl.  Heat the butter and add Kohlrabi slices. Also add 1 tsp sugar and a bit salt.  Then let it cook on low heat with lid for around 4-5min.


5. After 4-5min add the cream and let it cook for additional 5-10min with lid on low heat


6.  Serve as a side dish for any kind of meat or fish . ENJOY

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