Fettuccine con crema di piselli

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250g Fettuccine/Pappardelle

350g peas (frozen/fresh)

150g Guanciale/Pancetta

200g Stracciatella/Burrata

20g butter

1 onion (optional)

optional: fresh pasta 400g flour 00 + 4 eggs



1.First heat pasta water. Then heat butter and add peas. Optional you can add chopped onion to the butter.


2. Add hot water until lightly covered and a lid. Cook for 10-15min.


3. Meanwhile cut the Guanciale/Pancetta in stripes


4. Add stripes to a pan and sauté until crisp


5. After 10-15min purée the peas in a blender and bring it back to the sauteuse. Add salt&pepper. Cook the pasta, if fresh, just for 2-3min.


6.  Sieve the pasta and add it to the pea sauce and combine


7.  Add the pasta to a plate and drizzle with bacon stripes.  Finally on top some Stracciatella, the inner core of the Burrata.   ENJOY

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