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100g flour

100g semolina

2 egg yolks

1 egg

dash water


250g fresh goat cheese/ Stracchino/ Squacquerone

50g Parmesan

pinch nutmeg


1l veggie/chicken broth

olive oil



1.Combine flour and semolina with egg yolks and egg by hand or machine. Optional add a dash water. Put in clingfilm and let it rest for 30-60min in the fridge.


2.  Meanwhile combine fresh goat cheese with grated Parmesan and optional a pinch nutmeg.


3. Add some flour on the board and on the dough.  Also heat broth.



4. Roll it out thinly


5.  Add the cheese mix to one half of the dough with a spoon.


6. Flap over the other half and take care that there is no oxygen in the dough.


7.  Use pizza roller to make little Ravioli


8. Then let it simmer in the hot broth for 2-3min


9. Serve it with the hot broth and add finally a dash olive oil and optional a little bit parmesan on top.




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