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15-20g fresh yeast or 1 tsp dry yeast

1 tsp sugar

200ml lukewarm water

500g flour

50ml oil

2 tbsp yoghurt

1 tsp salt


500g minced beef and/or lamb meat

2 onions

2 cloves garlic, crushed

2 pointed red paprika

1-2 tomatoes

2 tbsp turkish paprika mark (Aci Biber Salcasi)

1 bunch flat parsley

1 lemon

1 tsp sumac

1 tsp grounded cumin


1 egg

nigella seeds

sesame seeds

optional: Pul Biber and onion slices



1.Dissolve the fresh yeast in lukewarm, also add sugar and wait for 5min


2. Then add it to the flour


3. Let it knead in your kitchen machine. After 2min add oil, salt and yoghurt.  Let it kneed for 5-10min. Then make a ball.


4. Put in a bowl on a warm place and add some towel or climgfilm on top. Let it rest for around 1h


5. Meanwhile put paprika, onions, garlic, tomatoes and parsley to a blender


6. Add paprika mark, salt and spices to the meat


7. Then make 8 balls from the dough. Roll it out on a floured surface


8. Add part of the meat and let a little bit free on the edge


9.  Fold the edges and brush with whisked egg


10.  Finally sprinkle with sesame seeds and nigella seeds. Put in the pre-heated of for 25-30min by 200C or 400F


11. Finally sprinkle with a bit lemon, also add chopped parsley. Optional add also some Pul Biber and raw onion slices. ENJOY






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