Spinach Lasagne

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750g cleaned spinach organic (1kg spinach uncleaned)

500g Ricotta

300g Mozarella

125g Parmesan, grated

1 onion


500g heavy cream

Lasagne sheets


30g flour

40g butter

500ml milk




1. Heat some butter and cook onion until translucent in a cocotte or big pot


2. Add spinach with a bit of water of the cleaning and cook on moderate heat for 5-10min with lid. Add salt&pepper and nutmeg.


3. Meanwhile make a béchamel. Heat butter on moderate heat and add flour and whisk. Then add sip by sip milk and whisk. Until you have a thick sauce and flour is dissolved.  Add nutmeg and salt.  Set aside.


4.  Add a bit of the béchamel to the bottom of a form


5. Then add some lasagne sheets


6. Add part of the spinach on top


7. Also add crumbled Ricotta and a bit parmesan


8. Again another layer of lasagne sheets


9. Add a bit of béchamel to the Lasagne sheets. Again add spinach, Ricotta and parmesan. Then another layer of lasagne sheets.  Add the end add béchamel, parmesan and all Mozzarella in pieces on top. Also add heavy cream and put in the oven for 45-60min by 200C or 400F.


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