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| July 15, 2011

So, what’s better than seeing Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium with the Mrs.? No much. When she was only offered one ticket, I thought my luck bad. She is the super-fan, and me? Just a fan. In honor of me slumming, I decided to make pizza and open a Napa Cab. How does that differ than any other night you ask? I am not quite sure, but work with me here. OK?

After a visit to the veterinarian for our 9 year old King Charles mix, I go right to the cellar and grab me a 2007 Snowden Ranch Cabernet. I am in the mood for pizza. Not just any pie, but my own. I have been experimenting with dough lately and wanted to try my latest from last night. I have 12 oz left-over from 2 lb dough I made last evening. I put 20oz aside for a Chicago Deep Dish pie tomorrow. I have adjusted my dough by doing a 1 hour warm rise now. I had been doing cold rise for a few days and could not quite understand the benefits of it, so back to warm rise/punch down I went.

I took some bottled water (325g) and mixed a packet of active dry yeast into it. I did a pinch of sugar and a pinch of yeast to bloom it. Next I added 500g of King Arthur bread flour as well as 20g of sea salt. (I had upped the dosage of salt lately from 10g). Into the KA it went with dough worm/hook for 4 minutes until silky and soft. Cover for 1 hour, punch down and divide into 20oz and 12 oz. into my dough retardation bowls for 24 hours it goes.

Fast forward to tonight. I remove for an hour, pre-heat the oven to 520F and open a small can of whole plum tomatoes from Top Tomato super store. I dig out this past weekends ‘fresh mozzarella (ok, not so ‘fresh’ anymore, but not as wet either).

I ‘prep’ the wooden peel with corn meal, work the dough and add the sliced mozzarella, a few tomatoes and some grated Locatelli onto it all. Into the pre-heated oven it goes. 9 minutes, take it out with my metal peel, add some chiffonade of fresh basil and voila! Friday night has been set into motion. Who wanted to sing Helter Skelter at the top of his lungs anywayz? Not this guy.

2007 Snowden Cabernet Sauvignon The Ranch – USA, California, Napa Valley (7/15/2011)
Within the last line of my previous note, you will find this little nugget of wisdom: “Should drink well for the next 6 or so years.”, so what do I do? I open one 375 days later, that’s what.
30 minute decant. The color is intense and deep carmine. The edges show youth in all its glory. The nose shows pretty cola, lead pencil, black currant and black berries. There are hints of violets, clove and blueberry pie. Interesting. I find this more giving and lovely today than my last outing with it. I also find some drying in the mid-palate which worries me a tiny bit. Mouth-feel is plushy and medium weight with a deftly balanced amount of acidity. Tannins are humongous. In re-reading my last note, I can say the iron glove/velvet fist thing really is in play here–or is it iron fist/velvet glove? Anyway, it’s here. Here is also where you find a longish finish and overall purity that almost makes up for the drying/alcohol thing. Almost. The Mike on my left shoulder says 91. He’s the devil-Mike. On the other shoulder sits a 92. I feel like honoring the latter tonight because, hey, it’s Friday. (92 pts.)

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