Fennel Panna Cotta with Smoked Salmon

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Ingredients (for 2 people)

1 fennel bulb (150g), chopped

250g heavy cream

dash Pernod

2 sheets gelantine

Salmon smoked

olive oil



1.Heat the chopped fennel in olive oil


2.  Add a good dash Pernod and reduce it or flambé.


3. Then add heavy cream and cook for 20-30min. Add salt and optional chili.


4. Meanwhile soak 2 sheets galantine in cold water for 5-10min


5.  Put the fennel cream in a mixer/food processor and purée.


6. Then sieve it and bring it back to the pot.


7.  Heat it on low heat and add gelantine. Combine it. It needs 2-3 min.


8. Then add it to form or glass. Add clingfilm, let it cool down a bit and put in the fridge for 3h.


9. Put tranches of smoked salmon on top and serve as a starter. ENJOY

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