BerserkerDay VI is coming! More offers from wineries than EVER! (Jan 27, 2015)

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BerserkerDay VI is coming up!! January 27, 2015, over 70 wineries and winemakers will be offering ridiculous deals on their wines and wine-related items. Last year, sales exceeded $300,000 FOR THE DAY, and this year promises to beat that number, handily!


The winery owners and winemakers make their own listings, outlining the offers that are only good on BerserkerDay, and you can communicate with them directly. Offers come out every 5 minutes, ending with auctions at the end of the day. It WILL break your credit card – it always does – but it will be worth it, as it comes only once a year…

Go to the Wine Berserkers forum at (note that you do NOT have to be a registered member to take advantage of the great offers, but you do in order to ask questions of the folks making the great deals, so you might as well register!) or if you want the quick link to the BerserkerDay VI forum, it is here: BerserkerDay VI (January 27, 2015) – just note that the offers won’t start to show up until about 7:15 am PST, and you won’t want to miss it…


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