Vintage 2014 Twitter Event on 12/10/14@5:30pm (Pacific)

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The grapes of Santa Barbara are about to take a different kind of lead role. Thanks to the vision of Wil Fernandez, folks will be able to see a full documentation of the 2014 growing season and harvest through a series of short films. The project is titled, “Vintage 2014: The Stories Behind the Vines“.

Through Wil’s expert cinematography, and drone piloting, he has captured some unbelievable footage of the vineyards, and the people of Santa Barbara.

Wil has been having events throughout the year promoting the project. Wil has organized viewings of films that are paired with special wines at venues all over the country. The project will release future content, including a “web experience”, which is made up of photo essays, podcast interviews, and short videos. This Wednesday, a very special twitter session will take place where three short films will be premiered. This informative session will also allow a free-flow exchange of knowledge about the year in Santa Barbara with the filmmaker, winemakers, and other wine enthusiasts.

Wil has a full press release regarding the event. You can view it by clicking here.

Seeing some clips of Wil’s work, I can assure you that it captures Santa Barbara in all it’s grace. One cannot help but get excited while watching the footage.

Join him, and other interested folks, on twitter this Wednesday. I’ve found the easiest way to take part in events like this is to download some software. I’ve used TweetDeck in the past to organize a column to follow the hashtag. In this case, the hashtag to follow is, #vintage2014. Some housecleaning, I’m not affiliated with TweetDeck, just a fan.

Again, details of Wednesday’s event:

Date: Wednesday, December 10th
Time: 5:30 PM PT/7:30 CT/8:30 ET
Hashtag to follow on twitter: #vintage2014

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