Bulk Wine Prices?

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Casey Hartlip
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Bulk Wine Prices?

Post #1  Postby Casey Hartlip » December 1st 2011, 2:19pm

Hey guys, I've got 2400 gallons of 2011 Pinot just about done with malo and have heard folks are already starting to shop. These are not distressed goods: Anderson Valley AVA, picked @25 brix, good color.

Its very early in the 2011 bulk wine season, but can anyone give me a range of what you might think $$/gallon?
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Bob Wood
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Re: Bulk Wine Prices?

Post #2  Postby Bob Wood » December 1st 2011, 7:47pm

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Linda Baehr
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Re: Bulk Wine Prices?

Post #3  Postby Linda Baehr » December 1st 2011, 8:49pm

Bob Wood wrote:http://www.winebusiness.com/classifieds/grapesbulkwine/

I WAS going to say a buck fifty to me, but you ruined everything. [swearing.gif]

ITB..................................but you guys knew that already, right?
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Randy Bowman
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Re: Bulk Wine Prices?

Post #4  Postby Randy Bowman » December 1st 2011, 8:55pm

So what about a Berserker special?

Bring your barrel and pay X amount of dollars per gallon to fill it. Yeah, I know, it's bulk because you don't have room for it and need to move it all.
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