Bordeaux at Trader Joe's

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Rob Michaels
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Bordeaux at Trader Joe's

Post #1  Postby Rob Michaels » July 6th 2017, 3:46pm

While shopping for a few items at Trader Joe's (Orlando, FL) this afternoon, where I don't normally look for wine, a few Bordeaux wines caught my eye. It had me thinking, if any of these were truly good deals (most don't seem to be), could you trust Trader Joe's to have treated the wine correctly? Has it been in the back of a very hot truck? Has it been sitting upright for years and years? Where has it been stored for the past 5-10 years? Here are the wines they had with their prices:
2009 Ch. Cantenac Brown (Margaux)- $69.99
2006 Ch. Giscours (Margaux)- $59.99
2011 Ch. Grand Puy Lacoste (Paullac)- $57.99
2010 Ch. Talbot (St. Julien)- $67.99


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Todd F r e n c h
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Bordeaux at Trader Joe's

Post #2  Postby Todd F r e n c h » July 6th 2017, 4:32pm

I'd definitely worry about storage - have you seen the back room in most Trader Joe's? It's definitely 'room temperature' or hotter...and who knows where they got those back vintages. Pass, for me.
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Craig G
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Bordeaux at Trader Joe's

Post #3  Postby Craig G » July 6th 2017, 9:17pm

One thing right off the top: You can buy 2012 GPL for $50. The 2011 has no business anywhere at a higher price.
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andy velebil
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Bordeaux at Trader Joe's

Post #4  Postby andy velebil » July 15th 2017, 11:56am

TJ is a major wine player in the States. They buy from reputable distributors. Never had a cooked or off bottle (other than TCA which they replaced) from them. I'd buy one try it and if you like it go buy more.
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Dennis S l i n g e r l a n d
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Bordeaux at Trader Joe's

Post #5  Postby Dennis S l i n g e r l a n d » July 17th 2017, 3:41pm

I've had the same experience. A few bottles with TCA and they happily replaced. If you start with small amounts you should be safe, that being said, their stores can certainly get on the warmer side in the summertime.

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