Kudos to Haskell's in Minneapolis...

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Kudos to Haskell's in Minneapolis...

Post #1  Postby Scott Ho11owe11 » November 19th 2011, 11:45am

So while in MN recently on business, I made a private purchase from a friend of some high end vintage wines. I didnt want to trust the airline monkeys with the cargo, so went to UPS to ship home to myself. No go. Apparently in MN you must have a license to ship alcohol. Crap...flight is in three hours, what now?

Remembered I used to shop at Haskell's when in MN on business, ran into a store and asked if there was any way they could help me out. They set me up, even re-boxed the wine, and sent it out the following Monday.

Huge kudos on the customer service!

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