Online store software or provider??

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Online store software or provider??

Post #1  Postby PeterJ » October 10th 2011, 9:58am

I could use some help with a new project.

I'm working up a consulting proposal for a local wine ship which is not yet selling on line. When we owned our shop we used Bottlenose and were happy with them, so I'm contacting them for current costs. But I'm sure they're not the only provider out there. I'd appreciate recommendations and opinions on other online wine shop providers who can handle around 400 items and, hopefully, provide all the tasting notes and bottle pics the way Bottlenose does. Any insights on relative costs would be appreciated too, but I intend to contact all viable sources myself. I'm not yet sure exactly what options this client has for uploading inventory records but am aware that could make a difference in the provider choice. Wine Searcher is part of my proposal, but that's pretty simple once the store is set.

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Re: Online store software or provider??

Post #2  Postby Rick Gregory » October 10th 2011, 10:19am


Are you looking for wine specific features? If not, I'd certainly look at Shopify and Magento Go. Both are hosted solutions. Both can be at a subdomain ( and can be customized and branded. You can adjust shipping to states so you don't end up taking orders for states that the shop cannot ship to.

Oh, wait, re-read your note. If you want someone to provide the TNs and images... Neither of those will work. I'd imagine that Bottlenose is it if you have needs like that - those are pretty specific and the demand pretty specialized.
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