The Wine Check

The Wine Check

19800 8th St East Unit 4A
Sonoma CA, 95476 USA
Phone: 707-343-9463
Board Contact: Shawnda H
The Wine Check™ is a safe, convenient, and economical way to transport up to one case (12 bottles) of wine to and from the airport, and check the bag with a full 12 bottles intact, while staying under the 50lb airline weight limit for luggage!

Shipping wine can be very expensive. It can also get lost and damaged along the way. The Wine Check virtually eliminates these problems. It provides a safe, easy way to take your wine with you and check it at the airport, in an FAA-approved package!

Your wine is protected by our patent-pending design that encloses your wine in a wine shipper box* inside the secure padded Wine Check case. It's lightweight (under 5lbs) and the attached wheels and strap make it easy to roll behind you!

Just put your wine inside and away you go.

"Dear Shawnda & Todd,

Many thanks for your gracious assistance during our recent visit to Napa. Having my Wine Checks delivered to the hotel was much appreciated, and your product is simply amazing - light, easy to move even when loaded, and astonishingly durable. While making our connection in Vegas, I watched from the plane in helpless horror as the baggage handler literally threw both of my fully loaded Wine Checks about 20 feet from the conveyor into an empty baggage hauler. However, both made it home undamaged & with their precious cargo completely intact. If any of your potential customers have questions about the durability of The Wine Check, tell them to call me. Thanks again!"

The Wine Check is collapsible and reusable (when the wine shipper box/insert is removed), so you can store it and use it whenever you want to take wine with you. The Wine Check is the safe, convenient way for your wine to travel.

Whether you're purchasing wine on a vacation or want to take some on a trip, The Wine Check makes traveling with wine safe and easy and it costs less than shipping it!

Get your Wine Check today for only $75.00, $67.00 if you have your own shipper! For those who do not purchase a shipper, and use their own, use this handy video to show you how to load it!
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