Chasing Alpha, LLC C/O Chris Freemott

Chasing Alpha, LLC C/O Chris Freemott

2374 Keim Road
Naperville IL, 60565 USA
Phone: 630-802-5626
Board Contact: Chris Freemott
Selling wine glasses, specifically Zalto and Gabriel Glas.

Inventory levels vary - but never more than 4 weeks from order to 'in hand'

Prices as of November 5, 2015 are as follows:

All posted prices included your 'landed' cost - so shipping and handling included

Zalto Line -
Burgundy - $55.00
Bordeaux - $53.00
Universal - $53.00
White - $50.00
Champagne - $50.00
Axium Decanter - $100.00

Gabriel Glass -
Standard Stems, machine made - $22/stem

Gold Stems, hand blown: $42/stem

Bulk discounts as well as local handling can improve prices. Email me for a quote:
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