Paccheri with Guanciale and Ricotta

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350g Paccheri or Rigatoni pasta

250g Guanciale or Lardo or Pancetta

50-100g Pecorino Sardo

1/2 – 1 tsp chili flakes

200g sheep Ricotta

1-2 tbsp butter

100-200ml pasta cooking water



1. Cut the Guanciale in thin slices.  I made strips, which were too thick I found out.


2.  Sauté the Guanciale slides


3. Remove the fat. You could drizzle a little bit on top shortly before serving the dish or use it for sauté potatoes in the coming days. Then add chili flakes.


4. Add cooked pasta to the Guanciale


5. Also add pecorino and butter to the pasta and combine on medium heat.


6.  Finally add ricotta and pasta cooking water and combine for 1-2min on medium heat.


7. Finally add some black pepper or Guanciale fat or a touch of pecorino sardo or parmesan.  ENJOY


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