Celeriac and blood orange salad

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3-4 blood oranges sliced

1 grapefruit sliced

200g celeriac julienne

1 tbsp nigella seeds


Dressing for the oranges:

1 blood orange

1/2 lemon

12 capers

3 tbsp olive oil


Dressing for the celeriac:

200g yogurt

3 tbsp olive oil



1.The easiest way is to remove a small slice from both top and bottom with a very sharp knife


2. Place the fruit cut side down on a chopping board, then slice away the peel, cutting downwards, following the shape of the fruit.  The cut the fruit in slices.


3. Make the dressing for the oranges by slicing a blood orange and a lemon in half and squeeze their juice into a small bowl. If your capers are salted or stored in brine, rinse them then add to the juices. Capers in olive oil can be added as they are, without rinsing. Season with three or four turns of black pepper, then pour in the olive oil, and combine lightly with a fork or small whisk. Taste and stir in a little salt, if necessary. Your dressing should be bright, sharp and slightly salty.


4. Make the dressing for the celeriac by putting the yogurt in a large mixing bowl, then beat in the olive oil with a fork, seasoning with salt and pepper.


5. Peel the celeriac then grate, electronically or by hand, into matchstick-thick shreds. If you grate too finely, the result will be wet, too thickly and the salad will be too crunchy to eat. Fold the celeriac into the dressing.


6.  Arrange the slices of the blood oranges and grapefruite on a plate.  Then add 1-2 tbsp dressing of the oranges.


7. Pile the dressed celeriac in the centre.  Scatter the nigella seeds, lightly toasted in a dry pan for a minute or two, over the celeriac. ENJOY



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