The 11 Spiritual Stages of the True Wine Geek

| July 1, 2011 | 2 Comments
A true wine geek goes through the following spiritual stages:


Stage 1 “Genesis” – Have an epiphany wine that makes you want to get more serious about wine
Stage 2 “Confusion” – Realize that there are so many bewildering choices that its difficult to decide what to buy
Stage 3 “Discipleship” – Start following the ratings of a respected wine critic as a guide to what to buy
Stage 4 “Cognitive Dissonance” – Do your best to tell yourself that you are actually enjoying all the highly rated wines you are drinking
Stage 5 “Awakening” – Realize that taste in wine is subjective and you need to determine for yourself what you like
Stage 6 “Rage” – What the f*ck am I going to do with all this wine I bought that i don’t actually like?
Stage 7 “Dinner Parties” – Unload the wine on friends at non-wine-geek dinner parties. They will likely be impressed as the wines are highly rated.
Stage 8 “The Quest” – Taste, taste and taste some more to see what regions, producers and vintages you like
Stage 9 “Enlightenment” – OMFG! Burgundy!
Stage 10 “Dark Night of the Soul” – OMFG! These things are expensive!
Stage 11 “Inner Peace” – German Riesling! And cheap too!

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  1. Dick Krueger says:

    We had a maitre d’ / sommelier at the first restaurant we regularly went to, who suggested wines we might like with what we had ordered. His suggestions were very good. That’s where we got started on Burgundies. So we didn’t follow your sequence exactly.

  2. Steve Coyle says:

    Love it!!

    I starte with White Burgundy, which is what got me hooked. So … I was born from heaven and then to earth and went through the process that you describe. I am now auctioning 2,100+ bottles that I couldn’t unload at dinner parties and have 3,000 left that range from Enlightenment and Inner Peace with many moments of “dark Night of the Soul” in between.

    Thanks Berry!

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