More Investigation from Don Cornwell

| July 5, 2012

In his latest post regarding the Rudy Kurniawan saga, Don uncovers more information regarding  Eric Greenburg and Acker Merrall.  An excerpt:

As Maureen succinctly put it: “the physical details of the wines that I rejected matched the physical details of the wines that Mr. Greenberg had given to Acker Merrall. Based on all of that, we were able to put together that they were the same bottles.” [Downey Depo., p 104, lines 19-25].

Maureen suggested that under the circumstances, Acker should withdraw the bottles from the auction. Mr. Christoph indicated that he would present the information to John Kapon. Christoph then called Maureen back. “The response that I received was, that he spoke to John, told John the story, this is John Kapon, and that John said they were good enough for him.” [Downey Depo., p.100, lines 20-23.]

See the rest of the post here.


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